Skills taught in Level I:

                Fully submerge face

                Supported float on front and back

                Blowing bubbles

                 Move through water comfortably

                Supported kick on front and back

                Introduction of arm stroke

                Basic safety rules and skills

                Enter and exit water independently

          Skills taught in Level II:

                Hold breath and fully submerge head

                Retrieve objects

                Orientation to deep water

                Prone and back float unsupported with recovery

                Leveling off from vertical position

                Rhythmic breathing

                Step from side into chest deep water and recover

                Flutter kick on front and back

                Finning on back

                Combined stroke (kick and arms) front and back -  5 yards

                Personal safety and rescue

  Skills taught in Level III:

          Retrieve objects open eyes, no support 

          Bobbing and breath control

          Jump into deep water from side of pool

          Prone and back glide with push off

          Add breathing to side with arm stroke on the front crawl

          Introduce diving

          Coordinated back crawl 10 yards

          Elementary backstroke 10 yards

          Reverse directions while swimming on front and back

          Additional safety information

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