Pool Rental Agreement

Pool Rental Rules:

The Huntington Hills Recreation Club is available to rent to active members in GOOD STANDING. Scheduling is handled through the Pool Manager, subject to approval of the HHRC Trustees. Rentals are subject to the availability of the pool and lifeguards under the following terms:

  • The Fee for use of the pool is $35.00 per hour, with a  minimum of 2 hours. Payment will be made prior to the event by check Payable to Huntington Hills Recreation Club. Lifeguards are to be paid directly.

  • At parties with a large number of children, parents or the responsible adults will be asked to rate the swimming abilities of the children attending the party. They will be issued a wrist band to identify their abilities quickly to the lifeguards and assign them to the different areas of the pool.

  • Red Wristband    - Non Swimmer, 3 foot Area of the Pool.

  • Yellow Wristband- Poor Swimmer, Shallow Area of Pool.

  • Green Wristband- Average Swimmer, All Areas of the Pool.

  • You must hire a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 lifeguards depending on the number of party guests attending (Please refer to the second page for details). A member of the management staff must be included for large parties.
    (Manager or Assistant Manager) Guards will be paid directly by the lessee at the completion of the event. These rates are at the “Overtime” rates -

     Guards - $11.00/hour

     Manager or Assistant Manager - $15.00/hour

  • Parties for groups of juveniles must be adequately chaperoned. HHRC Trustees may require an off-duty Police Officer depending on the number and make-up of those attending.

  • Party dates and times are restricted to Friday and Saturday nights, from 8:00PM to12:00 AM & Sundays 8:00 PM to10:00 PM.

  • Normal HHRC Pool Rules will be enforced. HHRC reserves the right to eject violators.                            


  • Lessee is responsible for all damage to pool property and will leave grounds in reasonable cleanliness and order. HHRC will assess damages and bill lessee. Lessee will be in attendance for the entire duration of the event.

  • Pool rentals are subject to Trustee Approval. We reserve the right of refusal or cancellation of rental.

  • Cancellation Policy – Refunds of pool rental is in full with seven days prior notification. Cancellations with less than one week's notice is subject to forfeit of one hour pool rental ($35) plus guards will be paid in full for the length of time the pool was scheduled. For example : IF the pool rental is cancelled the day before the pool was to be rented, $35 will be kept as well as the full fee for the payment of the guards. In the event of inclement weather after a party has begun, the remaining pool hours rental rate will be refunded, but the full payment to the guards will be made.

  • In the interest of giving the most members opportunities to rent the pool as possible, an individual member must wait two weeks between each booking. The Party Scheduling Calendar is opened in March.


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