Membership Application


There are currently no memberships available for the 2022 season.  If you are a NEW resident of Huntington Hills, please reach out to the membership chairman via email to provide proof of residency and discuss membership options.  Email address:

Please see the Membership Information page for important changes regarding how applications will be processed.


Download and complete the 2022 Membership Application. Be sure to read over the entire document before submitting, as well as the rules and regulations listed on the website.

Once you have mailed in your application, here are next steps:

  • After your membership is processed, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided on your application (please write your email address clearly on the form).
  • The HHRC does not issue membership cards.  Each member is required to check in at the office window each visit.  If you leave the pool grounds, please check in at the desk again upon re-entry.  If you bring guests, they will also need to check in at the window with the member(s).
  • Each member will have a picture taken to add to the membership database.  This process takes some time and may not happen for a week or two.

Completed applications should be returned with payment in full to:
P.O Box 75
Pickerington, Ohio 43147

Credit cards are not accepted for membership payment at this time.  Personal checks, cashier's checks, and money orders can be made payable to Huntington Hills Recreation Club or HHRC.

All applications are subject to information verification. The HHRC reserves the right to decline or revoke memberships and/or applications containing false or misleading information.

If you have any questions regarding membership or would like to apply for the Military or First Responders Discount (verification/proof required), please contact Membership Chair, Jen Dupler, at

Applications received via email will not be processed.

2021 HHRC Memberships On-Hold

Membership sales and add-ons on currently on-hold. Click the button below for more details.