General Membership Information


Applications for the 2021 Season are now closed. We are no longer accepting applications, add-ons, or waitlist applications. Thank you for your understanding.

Membership Levels, Pricing, and Add-ons

Membership to the HHRC is open to both residents and non-residents of Huntington Hills. Non-residents are considered Associate Members of the pool and pay a non-resident fee in addition to the basic membership fee. All prospective members are required to complete a Membership Application and undergo information verification. *Please note the HHRC may limit the amount of memberships offered per season or decline membership based on previous policy violations.

Membership Levels with Base Costs*
*Non-residents must pay a non-Huntington Hills resident fee of $55 per membership
*All new members are required to pay a one-time application fee of $53.38.

  • Adult $213: Admits one named Adult to the HHRC
  • Couple $250: Admits two named Adults to the HHRC
  • Family $315: Admits two named Adults and and their dependent children ( up to 26 years old) residing in the same household.**

**Please note that babysitters, extended family members, friends, and others are not included in the Family Membership. We do offer add-on options for babysitters and additional children.

Additional Fees and Add-ons
Any add-on must come with a primary member.

  • Applications received after May 1 are subject to the late application fee of $25
  • Babysitters 16 years of age and older may be added to a membership for $80.
  • If you babysit children 12 years of age and younger, you may purchase an add-on membership (must be a named child) for $80 per child. Maximum of 2 child add-ons without prior approval.

The HHRC offers  Active Duty Military a 50% discount if they are the Primary Holder of the membership. Fire and Police First Responders receive a  10% discount. *In order to receive discount, you must reach out to the membership chair, Jen Dupler, directly at

Ready to Dive in?

Now that you've reviewed the pricing and eligibility, you're ready to read over more details regarding membership and fill-out the membership application.
2021 HHRC Memberships On-Hold

Membership sales and add-ons on currently on-hold. Click the button below for more details.