Swim Team

Huntington Hills Froggers Swim Team

The Huntington Hills Froggers is a recreational summer league. Our focus is on swimming ability, self-improvement, and improving individual times. Swimmers are encouraged to work as a team and support their teammates.

Swim team registration typically begins in April through the Froggers website. You can access the site by clicking here! Swim team participants must have an active membership to the Huntington Hills Recreation Club.

In 2022, the swim team will offer a Tadpole Program for their newest members. This will be a limited registration program for those children who are new to swim team but have some swim and pool experience.  The program will offer 2 practices per week with our 6 and under group and the chance to bump up and attend league meets during our regular season.

For more information regarding the swim team, registration, and practice times, please contact Audra Stelzer by phone at (937) 623-3902 or by email at audrastelzer@gmail.com.

Froggers Swim Team

  • (937) 623-3902
  • audrastelzer@gmail.com
  • facebook.com/HHFroggers/
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