Swim Team

Huntington Hills Froggers Swim Team

The Huntington Hills Swim Team, aka Froggers, is a recreational summer league. Our focus is on swimming ability, self-improvement, and improving individual times. Swimmers are encouraged to work as a team and support their teammates. Swim Team participants must be members of the Huntington Hills Recreation Club.

Registration will be available in March/April  through the Froggers Page on the Team Unify website. You can access the site, by clicking here!

In 2021, we will be offering a Tadpole Program for our newest members. This will be a limited registration program for those children who are new to swim team, but have some swim and pool experience.  We are recommending this for swimmers age 5-8.  The program will offer 2 practices a week, Frogger mentorship, 1 intrasquad meet, and 1 "after hours" pool party!

For more information regarding the swim team, registration, and practice times, please contact Audra Stelzer by phone at (937) 623-2902 or by email audrastelzer@gmail.com.

Froggers Swim Team

  • (937) 623-3902
  • audrastelzer@gmail.com
  • facebook.com/HHFroggers/
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